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It’s snowing today in the Big Apple. Well, it was anyway. Personally, I’m pro-snow; I find it calming. I don’t want a blizzard, but it was just one of those morning walks where there’s just enough snow to quiet down the echo, but not enough to make me want to stay home. I walk through Central Park in the morning and the dogs there go CRAZY when it snows. If you don’t laugh watching a dog charge full speed into a snow covered lawn, you’re dead inside.

Work kept me busy this week, which is good because the beau has been away at a new restaurant in Connecticut for most of the week. I’m also heading back to Ohio to visit the family at the end of next week. I don’t know about you, but I get so disoriented about making food when I know I’ll be out of town. I hate wasting food, but still - you’d think I was moving to the Arctic Circle and not just leaving for a long weekend.

It’s supposed to be a wintery weekend, so I may roast a chicken. I’ve been on a kick of reducing how much meat I eat, which I’ve enjoyed and also justifies spending a few extra bucks on good meat when I do get it. This Peruvian chicken recipe from Melissa Clark has been calling to me for a while, so maybe I’ll give that a shot while I catch up on True Detective and You.

This Week: I gave this recipe for Frankies a shot. They tasted pretty good, although it was a lot more work for a bunch of different components than I normally would want to invest - especially just to eat a burrito. But the cilantro-mint chutney will be in my repertoire because it’s delicious on everything (highly recommend topping your eggs with it!).

I started baking last year thanks to the now defunct King Arthur Flour Bakealong Challenge, which has now me craving bread (in addition to craving weight measurements instead of volume). I gave Mark Bittman’s No-Knead Bread another shot, this time using water and some yogurt whey I had in the freezer from a while back. It turned out delicious, but once I make it a few more times to get comfortable, I’ll probably go back to kneading bread because it turns out, kneading is kind of my favorite part.

Since I had the food processor out anyway for the chutney, I whipped up some quick pizza dough to throw in the freezer. It literally takes 15 minutes, and also pizza!

The pièce de résistance, though, was Pasta e Fagioli. It made more than two people should ever eat in a sitting, but it’s perfect for cold winter nights. With the crusty bread, and some shaved parmesan cheese, I just don’t know what could be any better. (Note: I really fucking hate soaking beans, so next time around I may see if the canned variety work. My only worry is that I think they might overcook, so I’d have to add them way later.)

Reading: The book saga continues. But I also attended a speaking event at the 92Y called The Coddling of the American Mind, which is a book that started with this article in the Atlantic, which I highly recommend. Malcolm Gladwell was a wonderful panel leader, as always, but I could get the taste of a middle-aged white man telling people that they need to ‘stop taking this so personally’ out of my mouth. Either way, there was some good information, and it’s worth reading, even if you don’t have children.

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