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All the Things

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To begin with...

Most of my days, when I’m not hard at work, I’m thinking about one of about three things: food, my boyfriend, and how to be a better person. The last one is funny because what I mean to say is, “all the ways I’m failing at being the imaginary perfect version of myself that’s unattainable”. But it sounds better to say, “how to be a better person”, so let’s kick this thing off on a high note.

I’ve always wanted to be a hobby person, but truth be told, I’d be more rightfully categorized as a dabbler. I like things a lot for a small amount of time, then they fade away either by necessity or circumstance. I don’t actually think that’s inherently bad. Sure, it may be annoying to hear me so passionately talk about something one month only to have it replaced by something I treat with equal fervor the next. But, I don’t know - find a new friend. Overall, though, I’ll admit, I dabble.

The one thing I wouldn’t say I dabble in is cooking. I really, truly love it. All day long I wait for the clock to strike 5(ish) so I can go home and take on a new project. It doesn’t always work out, of course. But where some people look toward the weekend as time to go outside or do whatever cool, interesting, dialed-in people do, I look forward to cooking projects.

Probably no coincidence that my boyfriend is a chef, though frankly he cooks at home about as much as I build websites from the couch. I can’t blame him. Also, he’s a pastry chef, and if there’s one thing I don’t need, it’s pastries at home. Lucky for me (and him), he likes my cooking.

So, here is going to be a list of projects I’ve worked on. Things that have gone well. Things I probably should omit from my Evernote “recipe book”, and maybe some mindless words of regret along the way.

This week: Sweet Potato Pineapple Curry based on this recipe from Emma’s Little Kitchen. True story - the first time I made it, I accidentally used a tablespoon of cayenne, thinking it was curry powder. I corrected, but the damage was done. Lucky for me, the beau and I like spicy food! This time, I added baked tofu that I slightly under-pressed (not on purpose), half a tablespoon of cayenne and added a not-very-hot serrano. Don’t forget fish sauce and lime juice to garnish.

Reading: All the Light We Cannot See. Can’t put it down. Now I know why it’s been recommended a million times. Why do I doubt people?

Brandy Reppy